Bill Simmons Sucks

Bill Simmons Sucks

Bill Simmons Sucks

Bill Simmons sucks. I said it. Okay, fine, maybe he is one of the first sports internet success stories. It is impressive he was able to turn being a douchebag New England fan into a millionaire gig and get his whiny, annoying voice on television. His basketball book is solid because he is a talented writer, but it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to research things these days with the interwebs being so expansive. Grantland is pretty cool, but he isn’t the most interesting part of that site. He isn’t a complete waste of space, but that does not change the fact the Bill Simmons sucks.

This recent war of words with Doc Rivers, a former player and world champion NBA coach just drives this point home. Simmons, a short white dude devoid of any real athletic skill, is clearly jealous of such a talented man such as Doc. Clearly he is upset that Doc bailed on HIS team, the Boston Celtics. Oh you hadn’t heard? Bill Simmons is the owner of the Celtics. Oh, he isn’t? Maybe he should tone back his homerisms just a little bit. I don’t know, maybe I am being too hard on the midget. Maybe Bill Simmons sucks less than I think? Nope. That is just not possible.

I think it is cute because you can be seen as a teenager at the Garden on old taps, that this somehow gives you credibility.   You can see me in many Cubs replays from back in the day. I don’t think I am a baseball expert because of this.

Doc has it right. Bill Simmons is a Celtics fan who is pissed off that his team is going into the tank for the next 5 years. Get over it Bill. Teams suck all over this land. The fact you Twitter to insult people who actually PLAY and COACH the game you think you know so much about is laughable. You are a glorified sports talk caller.  As a paid analyst, you are supposed to analyse, not take personal shots a people.

I cannot be the only one who thinks Bill Simmons sucks. If you agree or disagree, make a comment below. Bill Simmons seems like one of those dudes who will Google himself. Maybe he will comment on this.



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