Worst City in America in 2013

Worst City in America in 2013

What is the Worst City in America in 2013?

Trying to determine the worst city in America is not an easy task. I mean, what exact defines a city as the worst city in America in 2013? Is it the crime factor? Is it the overall depression of the people? Most studies conclude it is a combination of all of those factors. This is the reason why Detroit tends to top many of these lists annually. Personally, I think Detroit is interesting. I hope it is due for a comeback soon, as it has lowered its crime steadily since its criminal heyday in the early 1980s.



Crime is always a huge negative factor working against Detroit when it comes to lists of the Worst City in America in 2013. The homicide rate continues to be one of the highest in the nation, at 48 per 100,000 people. Other violent crime, such as rape, armed robbery and assaults are way above the national average.  Not only that, petty crime runs rampant in this city.



Decline in the auto industry also doomed Detroit. Many citizens of Detroit are either unemployed or under-employed. There does not seem to be any real change in site; although one can argue the entire nation is having difficulty employing their citizens.



The weather is crap in Detroit, as with all major Midwest cities. Usually I wouldn’t hold this against any major city, but when the rest of your situation is bleak, dismal weather does not help things out.


Conclusion: You will find Detroit on many lists as the Worst City in America in 2013. Don’t just take my word for it!

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