Worst TV Commercials Ever

Worst TV Commercials Ever

Worst TV Commercials Ever

Since televisions rise to popularity in the early 1950s, commercials have been a mainstay of our life, Whether you like them or hate them, companies spend billions of dollars a year on advertising. But what happens when the commercial is so terrible, it actually drives business away from your brand? That is the premise behind this post from Shortlist.com on the Worst TV Commercials Ever.

Being on the list for the Worst TV Commercials Ever seems like a bad thing on the surface, but is it really? In the modern day and age, commercials secure second life on websites like Youtube and Vimeo. When lists comes out about the Worst TV Commercials ever, this also brings new fame to a bad financial mistake

Says Shortlist:

But that’s no excuse for some of the crimes that have been committed in the name of promotion; those appalling ads which run seemingly on constant repeat, bombarding you over and over again with their inherent awfulness. We present 20 of the worst offenders: extreme caution is advised (i.e. don’t blame us if you throw your computer out of the window).

This list has links and embedded videos of 20 of the Worst TV Commercials Ever. It is an impressive list, and a great place to view some of the worst TV commercials ever.

Link: http://www.shortlist.com/entertainment/tv/the-worst-tv-commercials-ever



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