Worst Beaches in America

Worst Beaches in America

Worst Beaches In America

Ever planned your vacation to the beach just to find it was closed, contaminated or just plain ugly? This article covers the worst beaches in America! While there is no simple way to classify the worst beaches in America, there are several aggregate lists where you can get great information.

Harriet Baskas of msnbc writes – Before you wade into the water this summer, you may want to consult the beach water report released Wednesday by the Natural Resources Defense Council. The beaches in many places are open and many beaches are very clean,” said Jon Devine, senior attorney in the NRDC water program. “But there are pollution problems that lead to beach contaminations, closures and advisories that have not been adequately been dealt with at the national scale.

The worst beaches in America, the ones with persistently poor water quality, are on the NRDC worst beaches listing. Water samples at these beaches exceeded public health standards more than 25 percent of the time each year between 2006 and 2010.



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